"Everything we do benefits our town and its residents. 


We provide grants to various projects, programs, and organizations in Corte Madera that help give our community its famous small-town character.  Organizations like the Town Band, Beautification Committee, Heritage & History Group, and neighborhood improvement groups have all received fiscal services or funding from the Foundation to help with projects that benefit our community as a whole."


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CMCF Board of Directors 2019

Bob Ravasio - President

Bob Bundy  - Vice President

Joan Vaughan * - Co-Treasurer

Larry Reed - Co-Treasurer

Becky Reed - Secretary

Mark Goldrosen - Co-Secretary

Cynthia Trutner 

Carolyn Larson *

Jana Haehl *

Kathleen Daly

Mark Goldrosen

Suzanne Beatie

Harry Schriebman - Emeritus


* Founder of the Foundation